Dear Scripped Community, 

In light of many of emails, both kind and angry, inquiring about the state of our recovery process from this disastrous loss of data, I want to extend a more personal message to the users that have relied on our service. I feel deeply for the writers who lost entire screenplays and are disappointed and angry that their data was inadvertently erased.  I have been so impressed by the love that people have for the Scripped community and brand.  There has been so much genuine affection for this community and the team that built it. This is not the way an organization or service should have ended.  You deserve a more personal and comprehensive email regarding this event. 

I want to share a few answers to questions and some news. 

Who owns Scripped? 

ScreenCraft Media recently acquired the Scripped community as the sole owner from Scripted. (The service had previously gone by the name of Zhura, which you'll still find named in the Terms and Conditions.)

How did this loss happen? 

During the recent transfer of ownership, all backups were deleted by the previous owners. Unfortunately the continuous backup process referenced a no longer accessible server data image. A routine server reboot caused a previously unknown rebuilding task in queue to re-image the server and delete all current data. The backup images that should have been used during the triggered rebuild were blank. This resulted in a total loss of data on the server with no backup. 

Are any screenplays recoverable? 

The previous owners have been very helpful in exploring the cause of this loss and they have recovered a server image from November 2010. If you have an account dating back five years to that time (or before), please email me with your name and email associated with your account and we can recover your files. No backup files exist from 2011 forward. 

This event has led to the prompt closure of Scripped as a community. We had high hopes to breathe new life and development into the waning Scripped forum and unstable software, but I never once imagined that it would become a cautionary tale of cloud data instability and crash under my watch. This sudden loss of data has left us no choice but to close the community. 

This has been a heavy few days for me and the Scripped team. I feel the bitterness of loss for the dozens of writers who have emailed us about lost screenplays and notes. 

Please reach out with any questions and comments. I'll continue to respond to every single email personally and promptly. 


John Rhodes and ScreenCraft Media 

Please direct all questions to

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